Choosing the Right Robostop for Your Trampoline - A Comparison Guide

Choosing the Right Robostop for Your Trampoline - A Comparison Guide

Robostop Regular

Robostop Regular is designed for trampolines with leg widths between 90 and 180 cm. With a length of 3.75 meters and a height of 6 cm, this model is perfect for those with regular-sized trampolines. It comes in a sleek black color and has a customizable structure. The Velcro connection makes assembly quick and easy, and it offers your autonomous lawnmower the necessary resistance to avoid the trampoline leg.

Robostop Large

Robostop Large is made for trampolines with legs between 130 and 220 cm in width. With dimensions of 4.75 meters in length and 6 cm in height, it's perfect for those with larger trampolines. It comes in a sleek black color scheme and is fully adjustable, providing the same level of protection from lawnmower collisions as the Standard model.

Robostop Large Premium

If you want the ultimate protection for your trampoline, the Robostop Large Premium four-pack is the product for you. It's made to accommodate a wider range of leg widths, and it provides more safety from run-ins with lawnmowers. Thanks to the Velcro attachment's ease of use, you can stop your self-driving lawnmower in its tracks whenever it hits a trampoline leg. In sleek black, the Robostop Large Premium is the best option for trampoline owners who value safety above all else.


Robostop has a solution for your trampoline needs, whether it's a regular size or a larger size. These items are both functional and fashionable due to their sleek black color and adaptable design. Relax in your backyard without worrying about your trampoline or lawnmower getting damaged, thanks to the extra feature of maximum protection against lawnmower crashes. If you're looking for ways to make your trampoline safer, be sure to check out the available accessories. Get your Robostop items now and enjoy a stress-free time in your backyard.

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