Collection: Robostop Regular

Upgrade your trampoline with Robostop now

Avoid your automatic lawnmower from getting stuck on your trampoline. Use Robostop.

Measuring 3.75 meters in length and 6 cm in height, Robostop Regular is made to fit trampolines with legs between 90 cm and 160 cm wide. (Do you need a bigger Robostop? Check out Robostop LARGE).

Its sleek black color and customizable structure make it a stylish and useful addition to your trampoline. The velcro fastener makes it easy install and adjust, and installed correctly the Robostop will provide your automatic lawnmower with the necessary resistance to change direction without getting stuck.

Relax in your backyard without worrying about your trampoline or lawnmower. Order Robostop Regular now.