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Robostop - 6pack

Robostop - 6pack

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Robostop - Your Rescue for Trampoline Legs!

Are you tired of your lawnmower getting stuck on your trampoline legs every time you mow your lawn? Let Robostop be your savior!

Purchase Robostop - 6pack and we will deliver 6 Robostops Large to your home.

Buy here Robostop - Regular (375 cm x 6 cm). Robostop Regular delivery in packs of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 pieces.

Buy here Robostop - Large (475 cm x 6 cm). Robostop Large delivery in packs of 4, 5, or 6 pieces.

Everyone who has a trampoline and an automatic lawnmower knows the issue. The lawn robot crashes into the trampoline leg and gets stuck. It's frustrating.

The adjustable Robostop with velcro fastening is the solution. Robostop comes in black and can also be used as a decorative element on your trampoline.

Place Robostop around the trampoline leg at the correct height in relation to the lawnmower, tighten it, and secure it! Proper installation of Robostop provides the necessary resistance to the automatic lawnmower when it reaches the trampoline leg.

The mower hits Robostop, changes direction, and continues to mow the grass. Monitor the lawnmower for the first week after installation to ensure that Robostop is properly positioned and that the machine responds as expected. Adjust the position and tension as necessary. Regularly check the placement of Robostop and adjust it as needed.

Robostop is 6 cm high and 3.75 meters long and is easily adjustable in length. This means it is suitable for trampoline legs with a width of approximately 130 cm to 220 cm. Robostop is also easy to remove for winter.

With Robostop on your trampoline legs, you are guaranteed a comfortable daily life - at least when it comes to the inevitable collision between the robot lawnmower and the trampoline.

Buy now Robostop

For an even better gardening and trampolining experience, buy Robostop now!

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Garden trampoline equipped with Robostop guards to prevent mower incidents.

Make sure your mower ALWAYS is moving!

This innovative solution features four adjustable Velcro Robostops that attach securely to the trampoline legs, providing resistance for the mower to change direction and keep mowing.